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The Hello Project TX Community

8/27/06 08:26 pm - lji_contest - My Competition

Sorry to promote, but I am looking for talented contestants for the new online song contest "LJ Idol". It's similar to American Idol except it's online and exclusive to Livejournal. If you enjoy singing, check it out!
Thanks !


3/26/05 09:53 pm - mippa - Chu~! <3

+//Name: Melissa Danele Johnson
+//Age: 22
+//Gender: Female
+//Member(s) trying out for: Matsuura Aya, but I'll do just about anyone!

*Short Interview*
+//What kinds of music do you like to listen to? What is your favorite artist? My favorite artists are The Brilliant Green, Tommy February6, Tommy Heavenly6 (basically anything Tomoko Kawase), Remioromen and Spitz if we're talking about Japanese. I also listen to a lot of Chinese and Korean music. English-wise, I worship Billy Joel, I also like The Coors, Christopher Cross, most 80s music, Roxette, the Bangles (Eternal Flame!), etc.
+//Favorite show? Law & Order. (and Caroline in the City)
+//Views on Hello Project? What I love about Hello Project is that they're the perfect thing to listen to when I'm in the mood to be super duper girly. They're always so uplifting, and they energise me! ^^ They're great to sing to in the car. I've been listeing to them since I was about sixteen or so...

*Picture and Audio Sample*
Have at least 2 pictures and if trying out for a solo artist try to get an audio clip.

Under the cut desu yo~!Collapse )

Voice Link! (You Send It!)

I'm from San Antonio, just FYI! <3

1/16/05 09:29 pm - enjoybeingagirl - Chu~

+//Name: Lena Anderson
+//Age: 17
+//Gender: Female
+//Member(s) trying out for: Takahashi Ai
*Short Interview*
+//What kinds of music do you like to listen to? Japanese and American pop
What is your favorite artist? Molrning Musume, Sum 41, Ashlee SImpson
+//Favorite show? The Amazing Race
+//Views on Hello Project? Sometimes I think Tsunku is exploiting little girls, especally when I see a 15 year old girl in bikinis in a photobook *coughReina*cough* but I figure if they're doing what they love and making money, well, who can disagree with that?
*Picture and Audio Sample*

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